Piscopiello Ponteggi srl sede legale C/da Centra,s.n.c. 73055 Racale (LE)

P.Iva: 03870310756 n° REA 80682 sede operativa C/da Centra,s.n.c. 73055 Racale (LE)

share capital € 30.000,00 fully paid. Tel +39 0833 552991 fax +39 0833 901742

The Piscopiello Ponteggi srl. was founded in 1978 by the founder Rolando Piscopiello still sole director.

The Piscopiello Ponteggi srl. produces metal equipment construction mainly various models of scaffolding made of galvanized iron of high quality & agrave; is in compliance with all applicable safety standards, ranging from the most Scaffolds & ugrave; small heights the maximum heights and are always built as the main thought of the customer's security.

In 2001 comes the Piscopiello Everything Shipyard which deals commercialization of machines and construction equipment and all we memorize options that covers the construction site with the sale of the world's best brands in the industry.

In 2004 it founded the Piscopiello Scaffolding Ltd which includes both metal production equipment for the construction industry is the sale and servicing of machines and construction equipment.

Piscopiello Ponteggi srl C/da Centra sn. tel. 0039 0833552991 fax 0039 0833901742