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All products for the building purchased online are delivered directly to construction site!

Piscopiello Ponteggi Srl, based in Racale, in the province of Lecce, was founded in 1978 and thanks to the ongoing commitment of all company employees has always been in continuous growth over the years. But since 2005, our sales have increased, only thanks to new technologies and the internet, so we expanded our production of more and more new models Scaffolds and Scaffolding and professional equipment for the building.

In comfort;, directly from their home or office here you can get the scaffolding or Trabatello more; suitable for various business needs, both for Hobby or for those who love DIY, we recommend our Scaffolds Aluminium. or for Our professionals Scaffolds Professional.

For years we produce and Scaffolding Scaffolds with wheels, but alsoeasels for the building industry, with our professionalism and passion, to the best market prices, but always of a high quality construction, with warranty and certified as required by law. Furthermore, we have almost all types of Stairs Aluminiumfor all your needs, with a high build quality and covered by our special guarantee (only for our guests) by 3 up to 5 years, which we sell at very competitive prices

Telescopic stairs

telescopic ladders professional aluminum all guaranteed with high qulit & agrave; constructive and certified in accordance with regulations force. extension ladders can be used (in some models) Zoppe: They can be placed on stairs or steps and fully respect their stability & agrave;. A tripod: classic reverse gantry but extendable. All extended: Stairs straight to lean on the wall but always adjustable in height. Stairs telescopic are easy to transport and store thanks to their small size in closed version Multifunction with hinges shooting.

Stairs to the Castle

Stepladders of different sizes and heights entirely in aluminum folding and fixed all with oversized platform and railing protection. We offer on our minimum scales of 3-year warranty according to the models. Typically any rolling ladders are used industrial shelving for warehouses libraries and cemetery vaults. stairs comply with all directives in force. All our stairs bunk or cemetery are produced in Italy with high construction quality at the best prices in the market.

Stairs scissors or extension

Stairs aluminum scissors or extension are made of aluminum stairs They run a all'interna other for these calls to extension. On trestles online also has its different models and sizes with fiberglass steering columns used entirely isolated electricians from the ground. The stairs are in extension to strictly professional use not suitable, then at home jobs but for the professional. The elements of scale on an extension ladder ranging from 2 up to 4 elements and can also reach heights up to 11 meters in the extended version.

Stairs to the deck or shelf

Stairs to the deck or generally used nell'industri dais stairs inspections of industrial machinery or work on machinery industrial, but they can also be used in the building in different employments. The stairs to the bridge are extremely professional and all-aluminum with protection and oversized platform parapet top.

Professional ladders double

In this section you can find a list of double stairs Professional trestle, Some of these models in addition to the use professional may also be adopted in a domestic environment but by Not to be confused with products that are available in a common hardware. All listed stairs are strong and stable structured with warranty from 2 to 10 years on different models. The aluminum ladders offers are all entirely Italian production.

Stairs to Mezzanine

In the current section lists different models of scales aluminum loft or in treated iron. Stairs can be accompanied by various accessories and can also be installed by unqualified people. The stairs can be purchased in version simple support or fixed to the wall by means of accessories depends on scale type. Stairs can be placed on raised platforms increases, sheds or roofs and even attics.

Stairs marinara Cage

This category is dedicated to the cage-scale or "Stairs Maritime" and all the accessories that can complete the cage stairs rendorla particolrmente flexibly to customer needs. Stairs Marinate are made in complete kits and are classified by height floor landing are delivered perfectly packaged with manual assembly and installation that can not be made obligatorily by a professional.

For agriculture stairs

In this category are listed a series of simple scales support of various heights and sizes, in addition to simple scales straight you can find aluminum ladders for agriculture or agricultural of different sizes and models. All our products are certified and covered by minimum guarantee 2 years and are especially of Italian production, it is we guarantee the quality

Scaffolding has Piscopiello SRL Down thought about your safety at work, thanks to its wide range of professional Trabattelli! For working on roofs and floors today haveRailings Falltemporary protection for flat or inclined surfaces. Our temporary railings are certified according to the law, all at discounted prices according to purchased quantities.

We are being restyled to make Our simple and accessible site, optimized for searching Our products inside, we are always continuing in our construction work websites for the complete supply to Our customers alsoclothing to work, Professional equipment construction, quality certified at unbeatable prices!

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